10 Things Under $10 You Didn't Know You Needed

10 Things Under $10 You Didn't Know You Needed

You know that euphoric moment when your direct deposit hits? ...& then that sinking moment seconds later when you realize that the vast majority has to go towards bills. Well, I live by a very simple philosophy: TREAT YO SELF! Yeah yeah we do HAVE to adult once in a while, but it's totally okay to buy yourself a little somethin' somethin' here and there in the name of keeping your sanity. Always remember: you're going to get WAY more than $10 worth of joy out of it. 

1. Profile Pro Customized Shampoo and Conditioners $9.95

Not only do they put your name on the label (uh…so cute) but the shampoo and conditioners are actually specially formulated for you. They ask you a few questions about your hair’s texture, behavior, condition, color, and let you choose from one of five scents and VOILA! your very own custom shampoo. You can snag a set of the mini bottles (2 oz) for only $9.95 here!

2. Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask $10.32

 Pore cleansing, blackhead removal, and entertainment all in one?? Sign me up! This grayish blackish mask goes on and almost immediately starts to bubble! So fun! It has great reviews and is even available on Amazon Prime for 2 day shipping! Once in a while, it’ll dip juuuuust below $10 for a 4 oz jar. This one’s definitely on my wishlist!

3. Manatea Tea Infuser $9.99

Manatea. ManaTEA. ...get it? I love pretty much anything that's functional, cute, and also shaped like an animal. Is that weird? meh, don't care. I love cuddling up at night, working on the blog,  & sipping on a nice hot cup of tea and this darling little tea infuser will give me the opportunity to do just that while also FINALLY utilizing the loose-leaf tea that my mama gave me for my bridal shower. Perf.

4. Rhinoceros Letter Sorter $9.99

APPARENTLY being an adult is just checking your mailbox with naive optimism only to find hella bills over and over again until you die. This little letter sorter by the alway-ingenious Nate Berkus makes that process a little more tolerable. Plus, he's darling. 

5. Macaron Socks $8.00

I LOOOOVE a good french macaron. There's a little place in Sacramento called Ginger Elizabeth that has amaze macaron ice cream sandwiches and a few places in San Francisco that my sister has taken me to when I'm in town that I basically want to be buried in. There easily my favorite dessert food. Naturally, I need them printed on my socks too. Not to mention, how perfect are they for only $8?!

6. Rose' All Day Drink Coozie $5.99

I've never been a huge fan of coozies. They're mostly cheesy and honestly, how afraid are you of a little condensation? But, I looove these. How perfect would they be in a little gift basket with a bottle of Rose' for a gal pal's birthday? They're only $5.99 and the pink & gold are just too cute to pass up. 

7. Screwnicorn Unicorn Cork Screw $9.99

I don't think I've ever needed something, as much as I need this Unicorn Cork Screw. What better way to make popping open a bottle of wine even more magical?! Not to mention it's small enough to throw in your bag for those emergency situations where everyone desperately looks around saying "does anyone have a wine opener?!" right as a Grey's Anatomy marathon is about to begin. Because that happens to everyone, right...?

8. Gourmet Scented Donut Stress Ball $9.99

As a perpetually anxious person, I can really appreciate a good stress ball. The fact that this one looks like a donut AND smells like one.... well, that just might be enough to bring me back to my zen. 

9. Glitter iPhone Case  $6.90

I use my phone a lot for work. Like, A LOT for work. My phone has become bane of my existence. So why shouldn't you throw a little makeup on a pig?? I'm pretty sure I could tip this case 'round and 'round and watch the glitter move around for hours. 

10. Printed Cushion Cover  $9.99

Because, darling you ARE magic. & don't you ever forget it. 


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