7 Items For Unicorn Fanatics

7 Items For Unicorn Fanatics

I love unicorns. I have since I was little. I have visions of a perfectly cozy and magical unicorn nursery if J & I ever had a little baby girl. I may or may not have a Pinterest board dedicated to it...

Recently, it was discovered that unicorns are real! I'm not joking. They walk among us. Well, they used to. Researchers from Tomsk State University discovered that they died out around 29,000 years ago...and they didn't exactly look like majestic horses...they were actually more closely related to woolly mammoths and kinda looked like giant rhinos... Moderately disappointing? A little. But still THEY ARE REAL & since they are long-gone, we can imagine them however we want. Here are 7 things to feed your unicorn addiction. 

Giant Inflatable Pool Unicorn Float $99.99

It may not be woolly mammoth-sized, but it's close! While everyone else has those dumb swan floaties that everyone, including the Kardashians seem to have in their pool, you can float on by on your unicorn, because no one can say anything to you when you're mounting a unicorn. 

Unicorn Table Lamp $29.99

This little beauty is from Target's Pillowfort Collection, which I am obsessed with. They have the most darling little kids decor and it makes me want to procreate pronto. I love the gold, but it also comes in a really sleek white as well. 

Nursery Unicorn Faux Fur Rocker $169

Okay okay okay, this is definitely for a tiny human. This darling little rocker was the first thing that made my Pinterest board when having children first crossed my mind. Pottery Barn mesmerizes me and I could spend hours combing their website. This little guy is made extra adorable by the fact that it can be engraved with your child's (or your....) name. 

Unicorn Head Wall Mount with Gold Glitter Staff $94.99

So apparently the "unicorn horn" is actually called a staff....noted. I'm absolutely obsessed with the look of white faux taxidermy. I think it created a really warm inviting vibe, without causing any harm to real animals. I'd put this in my home in a second, but alas I am surrounded with boys who would mock it. 

Unicorn Tears Gin $56.49

Not only is it a gin sweetened with a liqueur, but it also has 100% real edible pieces of silver that float in it. WHAT?! I'm in love. In unrelated news, my half birthday is coming up in July......*hint*

Pink & Gold Unicorn Tea Set $145

Not that I have frequent tea parties or anything, but I mean, I could if I had a unicorn tea set! What's fancier than tea time and unicorns? *swoon*

Unicorn Wine Holder $17.98

Come on, now. You're an adult. Your wine can't just be strewn all willy nilly along the counter. It deserves a proper holder and this one is perfect (especially to keep the cork moist which I recently learned is important). 

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