Summer Wardrobe Wishlist

Summer Wardrobe Wishlist

I’ll admit it. Summer isn’t my favorite season (I know, I’m a monster). I live in the desert & it gets hot. Like, really hot. Like, I have scars on my shoulder from burning it on the metal part of the seatbelt hot. However, I am pretty excited about this season’s trends, which is why I wanted to show you a few that I am particularly excited about.

(…& this may or may not be a subtle hint to my hubby. love you, sweetie!)

1. Ah. The infamous crop top. The early 2000′s reminiscent that became B. Spears’ signature trademark. While my abs are certainly not at Brittany’s level, I’m pretty stoked on this style. The crops are now flowy and flattering and when paired with a pair off high rise shorts, are much less Baby One More Time & more bohemian effortless.

2. Palazzo Pants! Okay, so worn incorrectly they can definitely make you look like you forgot to change out of your pajamas, however, when paired with a simple top and statement jewelry, I think they are perfection. I’m especially a fan of Palazzos in tribal prints. Now, the danger of these is that because of the looseness and flare, they can make a short girl look shorter- no problem, throw on a pair of wedges. They’re your secret weapon.

3. So, there’s definitely nothing new & hip about wedges, but for me, they are a summer must-have, no questions, shut your mouth & gimme the damn shoes. I don’t like flip flops (I know, again, I’m soul-less), and you’ll be hard pressed to find me rocking them away from a pool or the lake, but wedges I can definitely get behind. I’m especially in love with wedges that have intricate patterns and shy away from just being bottom-heavy sandals. Not to mention, they’re comfy. I’m pretty sure I could run a 5k or go rock climbing in wedges and my only complaint would be that I ruined my shoes.

4. This may not be so much of a wish list item, as I already bought it, but I think it’s worth noting that the floppy hat is so Kentucky Derby meets 70′s hip that it’s sickening… & I love it. You can check out the one I recently purchased here.

5. Oh Ray Bans. I love you. I really love the huge over-sized Clubmasters this summer, although I’ve had an on-going affair with huge sunglasses ever since I saw Nicole Richie rocking some in back in 2008. These will run you about $150, but you can’t put a price on a really well-made pair of sunglasses.

6. I saw this Ogarro Tote last weekend while shopping with my mom. It’s incredibly well priced at $45, but, I’m trying SO hard to practice some self-control these days. I love structured bags and in white, I feel like it can be incredibly versatile. Besides, I’m kind of a follower of the “no white after labor day” rule, so I feel like I need to hustle to enjoy this bag for the next 3 months.

7. I hated skater skirts when they first became popular: guilty as charged. But I’ve since seen them styled in such classy and edgy ways, that I can not wait to get my hands on one. My favorite skater skirt look is paired with a crop top, and because many skater skirts are meant to be worn at waist level, only the ribs are exposed. It’s a sexy without-trying-too-hard masterpiece that I must master immediately.

What are some of your summer must-haves? I’d love to hear your ideas.

p.s. the darling collage above was designed by my handsome fiancé and our Graphic Design company Rumor Media. While this isn’t what we normally design, I’m so proud of how effortlessly he seems to adapt to a client’s needs. He also designed the collage for my Ulta Make Up Haul post, which has been quite popular on Pinterest. Thanks, lovebug!

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