'Merica Dip

'Merica Dip

Happy Independence Day! J & I both have the day off and decided to sleep in which meant I got to enjoy a nice quiet morning in bed with my lovey and a hot cup of coffee this morning. It's been such a stressful (but amazing!) week, so I really felt like I could stay in bed alllll day. But we managed to roll out of the house around noon and run some errands in preparation for tomorrow's festivities!

I'm really excited for a lake day with our friends tomorrow to celebrate 4th of July. I racked my brain (& my Pinterest board) all week in search of something yummy & festive to  take with us & I came up completely blank until last night. I saw this American flag dip on Pinterest quite a bit this year & I had to try it. Unlike some bloggers who did 7 layer Mexican dip (which I found both delicious-sounding and incredibly ironic) or homemade crockpot dips that took them hours to perfect...I opted for the easy way out on this one. Like I said, long week. 

I know, I'm a monster and an embarrassment to DIY bloggers everywhere. 

I bought the whitest dip Target had to offer (...lol) which turned out to be parmesan bacon & it's pretty delicious. As well as some sour cream & diced tomatoes & went on my merry way. Wam, Bam, Thank you, ma'am.  



24 oz of dip of your choice

8oz diced tomatoes

8 oz of sour cream 

blue food coloring

sprinkles (star sprinkles would be really darling...why didn't I think of that until just now?!)

Optional: 2 popsicle sticks

**note: this recipe is perfect for a 9"x13" pan, but adjust accordingly for anything bigger. 

Add a few drops of blue food coloring to your sour cream and stir to combine. Set aside. Start by spreading the dip evenly in the pan, leaving a square in the upper left corner. Using your popsicle sticks, create a barrier to separate the dip from the sour cream. You may not need to do this if your dip is really thick, but I worried about the sour cream seeping into the dip and causing a mess. poor your sour cream into the squared off section you've created and smooth it out with a butter knife or a rubber spatula. Drain your tomatoes VERY well. It may even be a good idea to strain them, because any juice might cause discoloration on your white stripes & THESE COLORS DON'T RUN! spoon your tomatoes into thin stripes, pausing every so often to move them into place. Finish by adding your sprinkle stars. Bonus points if you count out exactly 50.

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