7 Days of Valentines [2017]

7 Days of Valentines [2017]

It's that time of year again, my friends! Unlike most years where we've done 14 Days of Valentines (see 2015 here and 2016 here), this year, we decided to take it down to 7. J was away traveling for work for most of last week, and it just made more sense. We may continue to do 7 days from now on though, because I think it might be a little more special. Less days to plan for means more heartfelt and sweet surprises. Valentine's Day is exactly 1 week away so it's time for the games to begin! Make sure to check this post often, as it will be updated daily! 


This is so cheesy. Why do you do this?

We enjoy it. Valentine's Day is great. But, every year thousands of men flail about trying to find dinner reservations at a fancy restaurant with a pre-fixe menu (seriously, what's up with pre-fixe menus?!), spend a ton of money on roses and chocolates and call it a day. It turns a day that's supposed to be about appreciating the people you love into something stressful and cliche'. We'd prefer to make it fun. 

This seems so expensive. How do you justify it?

It's really not! Every year, we sit down and give ourselves a realistic budget. This year and last year, that budget is $100 each. Each day is not supposed to be about extravagant monetary gifts. It's about showering each other in love. Whether that be in the form of a favorite snack, a treasure hunt, or something we know the other has had their eye on, it means much more and creates much better memories than a $200 dinner would. 

How do you figure out something to do everyday?

This has been our tradition for 4 years now. So we both start preparing early. We both make secret Pinterest boards and collect ideas. We pay attention to what the other has been hinting that they want or need. We plan out our surprises and try not to leave things that require preparation to the last minute. 

Valentines Day!

You'd think we'd be sick of romantic gestures by now, J & I have never been the type to leave well enough alone, but like we had discussed earlier, we certainly weren't about to fight the crowds and go out for Valentines Day. When I came home from work, he had beautiful long stem roses waiting for me- roses always make my day. 

I had told him i was going to make a special dinner and told him to go ahead and go to the gym without me and then took full advantage of that time to decorate and start dinner. We've been trying to eat healthier lately so this dinner was so so necessary. 

I made steaks, lobster, shrimp, and potatoes cut into hearts. We also had a bottle of wine and a cake I picked up on my way home (that said "Bee Mine" and had a bumblebee piped on it...lol). It was nice to just relax and gossip and eat a really good meal with my honey. I think that's important and I want to do it more often. More meals together - less in front of the TV. 

I hope you all had the best Valentines Day!


Day 7 of Valentines: Cookies for my Tummy

I came to a realization on the final day of Valentines. I spent a LOT of time bugging J at work over the last few days. ...so I let someone else bug him at work on day 7. 

I ordered a box of Valentines sugar cookies from Mix Cupcake Co. to be delivered to his office along with a note that said "On the 7th day of Valentines, my true love gave to me.... cookies for my tummy!" I love knowing that I could break up any monotony of his day with happy things.

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Day 6 of Valentines: Nightstand Photos

J & I are currently in the middle of re-decorating our master bedroom- & I can't wait to show you when it's all finished! For a long time we've been talking about how cute it would be to put photos of each other on our respective nightstands. 

So, when my mom & I were shopping in Hobby Lobby a few weeks ago & I spotted these darling framed, I knew they'd be perfect. I filled them with photos from our wedding, wrapped them, and hid them at the bottom of a laundry basket full of clean clothes. Why you may ask? Because it was a Sunday and Sunday is laundry day and J is in charge of putting away the clothes I clean and I am never content to just hand him a present. Haha! 

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Day 5 of Valentines: Map Stories

Day 5 started out perfect. It was a Saturday and I groggily made my way down the stairs for my morning coffee. There was a surprise waiting for me next to the Keurig...wait until you see it. So cute! But, I had a present for J as well. You know it's not like me to just hand him a present. I like to make him work for it. The conversation went something like this 

S: "Baby. Baby. Baaaaaaby"
J "Yes, honey." 
S "I have a present for you" 
J "oh yeah?" 
S "Yes. But first you must answer these riddles three." 
J "Shit." 

Don't let his response fool you. He loves my sick games. I gave him 3 riddles to solve and then AND ONLY THEN was he allowed to open his present. I found some riddles online at www.riddles.com and thought they were tough, but he solved way too easily. Whatever. Present time. 

I made this little map art based on our story. The first map shows where we met- a dingy little nightclub in downtown Sparks, that may or may not be a laundromat now. The second shows where he proposed on a beach in San Francisco. The last one shows where we got married at a golf resort in Wingfield. It's a sentimental piece that I feel will help to remind us where we came from and how hard we fought for each other. The past isn't always pretty. It's messy and crazy, but these maps will always be in our home to remind us that we can get through anything and continue moving forward. 

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Day 4 of Valentines: Book Worms

It never ceases to amaze me how much J & I can be on the same wave length sometimes. Today, we both gave each other books. One of J's biggest idols is a man named Gary Vaynerchuk. He's a successful entrepreneur and motivational speaker who has completely changed the way businesses communicate with their clients via social media. He documents his life on social media via posts, live streams, and daily video chats. J watches his videos religiously and is so inspired by this man. I've started to legitimately appreciate his advice and philosophies as they apply to the business world as well. 

So today, I gifted J the Kindle version of Gary's book "#AskGaryVee". I emailed him the link and asked him to check his email (right when he was in the middle of working because I'm a jerk). J loves to read, and I have bought him tons of books over the years, but his nightstand is starting to look like a library cart, so giving him the option of being able to read from his MacBook seemed like a good option. Here's to always supporting your man's dreams, aspirations, and man crushes. 

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Day 3 of Valentines: Chicken Wing Bouquet

About 4 years ago, when J & I had only ben dating for about a year, I bought him home flowers. I love getting flowers, so naturally I assumed he would too. While I don't think he necessarily disliked the flowers, I think I enjoyed having them on the coffee table more than he did. Boys just aren't as into pretty things like that as we are. But you know what they are in to? CHICKEN. 

I made plans with J to bring him lunch at his office today and then scheduled an order of 15 boneless wings to be picked up from Wingstop (his favorite). Now, I promise you that this is easy to replicate, because I did it in the backseat of my car. 


  • Chicken Wings (duh) 
  • Kabob Skewers
  • Cellophane
  • Tissue Paper
  • Tape
  • Ribbon 
  • Any other decorative elements: I used a bow from a floral arrangement that J gave me for my birthday. 

I started by putting all the chicken wings on the skewers, making sure the stick didn't go all the way through. This was a messy job and I wish I had brought gloves (or a wet wipe or a napkin or ANYTHING really). I then cut out a piece of cellophane in as close to a square as I could get it, about the same length as a skewer. I laid the chicken skewers on the cellophane with the cellophane in a diamond (one corner sticking up at the top) and then wrapped the cellophane around at the bottom, securing it with a piece of tape. I repeated that with 3 pieces of tissue paper and then covered the tape with ribbon. I decorated it, added a card that said "You are the wind beneath my WINGS" (my mom's idea, hahahahaha) and then I was on my way!

His laugh when I walked into his office with his chicken bouquet made my sticky hands totally worth it. I love seeing him smile and enjoy something I've made for him. Not to mention, it was really nice to have lunch with him. We don't get to do that as often as we would like. Happy 3rd Day of Valentines, babe! You're finger lickin' good! hahaha.

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Day 2 of Valentines: Slocks

I didn't get J ANYTHING for day 2... but our cat, Penelope and our dog, Leo sure did! At some point, J started collecting dress socks with animals printed on them. Or maybe I just started buying them and he agreed to wear them, but either way they're kind of a thing at this point. He has shark socks, flamingo socks, penguin socks, and now SLOTH SOCKS! 

I hung the socks from Leo's collar and told him to "go get daddy!". He begrudgingly obliged and looked SO cute doing it. Penelope was refusing to participate and chose, instead, to meow at the bathroom faucet mercilessly. 

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Day 1 of Valentines: JigSarah

Today's day of Valentine's began at bright & early at 3:30am. I snuck out of bed to stick my greatest masterpiece to the mirror for J to find in the morning. I call it: JIGSARAH

Because what's more romantic than the Saw series?! Hahahaha. 

Throughout the day, he found random letters that would spell out the name of the room in the house where his present was hiding. He found an "A" stuck to his iPhone, an "R" in his laptop, and one of his coworkers delivered an "N" to him later in the morning. The letters spelled out Laundry Room and hiding on top of the washing machine was this clock he's had his eye on for his office. along with a note that said "Time Flies When I'm With You". 

FullSizeRender 70.jpg

Curious what J surprised me with for the first day of Valentines? This year, you can read all about it on his blog, The Dedicated Man. Check out day 1 here

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