14 Days of Valentines [2016]

14 Days of Valentines [2016]

Iiiiiiiit's baaaaaack. So many of our friends roll their eyes and shake their heads this time of year. Yes, we're ooey gooey. Yes, we're mushy. & yes, we're helpless romantics. It's okay. The sugar coma will pass. This will be our 3rd year in a row doing our "14 Days of Valentines", 2 weeks of surprising each other every day leading up to Valentine's Days.

The Rules

  • We trade off days- we have predetermined that I get to give him Valentines on odd days, he has even days. 
  • You may trade days if both parties agree (I've already switched a Sunday for his Saturday...we kissed on it).
  • We have a $100 cap. Over the course of the 2 weeks, we each may spend up to $100 on supplies, gifts, and other Cupid-related necessities. 
  • Valentines may be DIY, food, games, presents, or activities (or pretty much anything that'll put a smile on the other's face ;)

In the past years, I have done individual blog posts for each day, or every other day. This year, I have decided to update one post daily to reflect on the day's Valentines' so check back here for updates!

Day FOURTEEN of Valentines - happy valentine's day!

I am the world's most spoiled girl. Without a doubt. This man has succeeded at spoiling me absolutely rotten, and I couldn't be anymore appreciative. On most other years, Valentine's Day is pretty low-key for us after spending the past 2 weeks surprising each other, the novelty tends to wear off a bit. I don't do great with crowds and pre-fixe menus? No thank you. So we try to avoid going out to dinner and instead opt for events. Last year we attended this great pop-up event presented by Tournant where we had 3 courses of different types of fondue while we watched When Harry Met Sally. It was a blast and a thousand times better than stuffy restaurant reservations. This year, we couldn't find anything (apparently our city is a bunch of scrooges!) so we had planned to just sleep in, check out this new juice bar downtown, and maybe see a movie. So imagine my surprise when I woke up to this...

I had seen those giant balloons a few days prior, and had made a big deal and jokingly threw a temper tantrum about how I NEEDED them while we were grocery shopping. In all honesty, I didn't think they were for sale, as they were being used in a display, but I like to give J a hard time...what wife doesn't?? So I was shocked when I realized he had gone back to the store, convinced them to sell him the giant balloons, bought a dozen long-stemmed roses, and picked up my Starbucks coffee order too. It means so much to me to know that he not only takes account of things I love, but also makes a huge effort to  do little things to put a smile on my face. I'm absolutely obsessed with that man. 

Day THIRTEEN of Valentines - hers

There used to be a little restaurant downtown called Reno Provisions. It has since closed, but I have wonderful memories there, in the brief time that it inhabited a little corner lot next to an abandoned hotel. It was airy, with floor to ceiling windows that they'd open during the summertime, and it was set up like a cafeteria. During the summer, J & I & our friends would go there for "purple margs" (lavender and vanilla bean infused margaritas) and eat soup and sandwiches and play Jenga. The game got funner the more purple margs were consumed, and it's one of those places that eventually became "our" place. 

So for Day 13, I once again enlisted the help of The Dating Divas. I printed and cut out the pieces to their Couples' Truth or Dare Jenga Game Night and attached them to the Jenga game pieces that I bought on Amazon. It's funny how you can be with someone for so long and still learn new things about them. We played while enjoying Oreos and cupcakes and popcorn and then hit the hay early with only minor stomach aches. 

Day TWELVE of Valentines - his

I mentioned earlier in the week that I've been having a hard time. I've felt insanely guilty about being so down when things really are great in our lives, especially during such a fun time, like our annual 14 Days of Valentines. Last month, I got in a car accident. I wasn't hurt, but my car sure was. I've been driving a rental car ever since. Yesterday, the time had come to pick up my car from the collision center and drop off the rental with Enterprise. By the time I was finishing up at work, I had to rush to fill the rental up with gas, get it to Enterprise, meet J so he could drive me to pick up our car, and made it just in the nick of time before they closed. Rushing around always puts me in a bit of a mood, so by the time I got home, I was cranky and still had work to do. So when J pulled me away from my computer, and told me to put a jacket on and get back in the car, I couldn't help but wish I was crawling into bed. 

There's no one in the world who knows me better than he does. After forcing me into the car, he took me out for sushi (omg yum) and then drove me up to the top of a hill that he has taken me to periodically since we first started dating. It's kinda become our spot, and the views are absolutely incredible. You can see the entire city from up there and it's incredibly therapeutic to just breathe and watch the city lights and hustle and bustle below, but hear nothing but crickets. When we got to the hilltop, he opened the hatchback and waiting was a bottle of wine, my faux fur blanket, pink velvet cupcakes, and a new throw pillow with the words "You're Okay" inscribed on it. I struggle with depression, and seeing those two little words were so much reassurance and realizing that this man knows what I need before I even do meant the world to me. Sitting up there with him, cuddled up and eating cupcakes and drinking wine were the absolute highlight of my week. 

Day ELEVEN of Valentines - hers

I'm pretty sure I mention at least once every other blog post about how I hate to cook. I mean, I probably over-exaggerate a tad. My husband doesn't have to drag me into the kitchen kicking and screaming every night or anything. But, I don't think I'll ever be one of those girls that finds cooking relaxing- it's stressful for me, and it never fails that every time I decide to try a new recipe, I get too worked up about making it sure it comes out right, and tweak things that don't need tweaking...ANYWAY!

Based on everything I just said, apparently my day 11 proves that I'm a glutton for punishment. I decided to plan a "fancy" over-the-top dinner for him at home. I even printed out menus and dressed Leo up in his fancy little tuxedo so he could act as our maitre' d. For appetizers, I made Pizza Roses and Toasted Ravioli. For our entree, I made Shrimp Fettuccini Alfredo, and for dessert, I made S'mores Lava Cakes... those were my favorite. They actually came out PHENOMENAL. As stressful as the prep was, it was so worth it to see how thankful J was and how much he enjoyed dinner. Oh, and the service was phenomenal. Thanks Leo! ;)

Day TEN of Valentines - his

Sometimes it's the simple things and when someone you love does something small just to put a smile on your face, it can mean 100x more than some grand expensive gesture. 

J made me a "cupid float" which is similar to a rootbeer float, but made with cherry 7Up and vanilla ice cream. To continue with his "Princess" theme, he also included a DARLING arrow necklace to represent Pocahontas. 

Day NINE of Valentines - hers

I think one of my biggest goals for our marriage is that I want us to always have fun together. I can honestly say that J is my best friend and I hope that we never lose our sense of adventure. For the ninth day of Valentines, I wanted to make sure he had a little fun and excitement to break up the monotony of the work week. 

When J came home from work, I had an old school army helmet, a nerf gun, and a little note waiting on the entry way table that read "Hey there soldier, Go change, arm yourself, and prepare for battle." I hid in our pantry with every intention of inundating him with nerf bullets as he walked by. My cover was blown though because I couldn't stay still. I set up a full Nerf Gun obstacle course for him to crawl through, aim at, and shoot at. We laughed the whole time and ended the evening in the "mess hall" eating cake balls. I caught him re-setting up the targets later that night and playing in the den by himself. Seeing him genuinely enjoying it made my whole day.

Day EIGHT of Valentines - his

I had a rough day today. I felt kinda mopey and sad and unmotivated and I still wasn't feeling well. Today's Princess surprise could not have been more appreciated. 

Today's princess was inspired by The Little Mermaid. When J got home from work, he ran me a bath with green fizzy bath bomb in it, along with candles, and a bottle of wine. Next to the tub was this beautiful under the sea charm bracelet and a note that said "Yes it's only Monday, but babe, let's face it. You deserve some rest and relaxation." He's perfect. 

Day SEVEN of Valentines - his

Today's Princess themed surprise was based off of Snow White. I was sick most of the day and coming into the kitchen to ind these little surprises made me feel so much better. Each little present was inspired by one of the 7 Dwarves. He said that he tried to dress Leo and Penelope up as dwarves but they wouldn't keep on their little hats hahaha! 

Sleepy: a dream journal; Happy: a gold mug I've been eyeing; Grumpy: a Starbucks gift card (what better way to cure the grumpies?!); Dopey: a new phone charger (since I keep leaving mine at my office); Bashful: a teeny tiny S figurine for my desk; Doc: a photo holder; and Sneezy: a pack of tissues printed like $100 bills. He knows me so well ;). He topped it all off with a caramel and oreo dipped apple... sans the poison. 

Day SIX of Valentines - hers

Okay, okay, okay. I promise to stop making him work so hard for presents....starting now. I did one more rendition of a scavenger hunt for Day 6. We had agreed to trade days this weekend, so that I had a full day to kick his butt in some Go Karting. 

I found these darling printables from the Dating Divas and tweaked it ever so slightly. Whereas their final treasure card lead to a romantic night at the Drive In, I decided to take him go kart racing. We've done the drive in thing quite a few times and I wanted Day 6 to be a little adventure for us. You can get your own printables here! Check out the video below to watch the treasure hunt in motion! 

Day FIVE of Valentines - hers

There was a bit of a theme to my surprises this week too, in that I really enjoy watching him run around trying to find his surprises. haha. Today, I sent J on a very intricate scavenger hunt. The first clue was delivered by my baby Leo...

And each clue thereafter was delivered by our friends! He had to text or call each person who would give him a riddle leading him to the next spot. At the end, he found his present, hidden in the dryer. My man is so creative, and when I saw this book, Steal Like an Artist, I knew it was right up his alley. He's been reading a little bit of it every night, and I love seeing him enjoying something I got him...almost as much as I enjoyed watching him struggle to find it hahaha! 

Day FOUR of Valentines - his

Continuing with his Princess theme, my handsome man spoiled the hell out of me tonight! Earlier in the day he sent me a cryptic text that just read "don't worry about dinner tonight". I'm not sure how he read my mind, but I was completely not in the mood to cook. Although, I'm not a big fan of cooking in the first place, so I guess I'm never really in the mood to cook, but I digress. Tonight's theme was Beauty and the Beast...

I had spent the day running around like crazy, between meetings and trying to get our little dog, Leo to the groomers. So, the note accompanying this darling little surprise reads: "You spent all day taming the beast, now kick back and enjoy your feast." How'd I get so lucky to have a man who understands the importance of carbs and trashy TV after a rough Thursday? 

Day THREE of Valentines - hers

If the way to a man's heart is through his stomach than I have taken up permanent residence in this man's heart today, if I do say so myself. After getting hustled at the donut store and walking out with approximately 40 more donut holes than I intended to purchase, I put together this sweet little breakfast surprise that was waiting for him when he opened the fridge to get his lunch this morning. 

Now hang on to your glue guns, girls, because that darling little donut box...IT'S FOR FREE! I got the printable template from the always darling Shauna over at Momtastic.  The only adjustment I made, was in the instructions, she calls for a strip of card stock that is 7.5" x 1", I cut mine to be 7.5" x 3" (this serves as the box's base) because these were some seriously chubby donut holes and I'm feeding a growing boy! ...well, a growing 31 year old man. That small adjustment made the box a little bigger and allowed for more room for more donut holes....which is always very important. 

Day TWO of Valentines - his

I was banished to the bedroom when J got home from work today, as he said he had some setting up to do. So I paced around our bedroom for about 20 minutes before he deemed my Valentine's surprise ready. When I saw it...instant happy tears!

He had created a presentation with a Cinderella theme. There were little brownie bites, that he had piped numbers on and arranged to look like a clock, he made be a crown out of pipe cleaner, and even topped it off with my version of Cinderella's glass slippers: brand new silver Nikes. I adore that man. 

Day ONE of Valentines - hers

Today, Jerry came home from work to find this cutesy little note waiting for him. I gathered together 6 small little prezzies and then added little love notes on each one. Then the fun began! I hid them around our bedroom and then giggled watching him search high and low. There was a candy bar hidden in the window sill, new socks with penguins on them hidden behind our pillows, a phone brick hidden in my shoe closet, wooden pens hidden in his journal, and a pack of his favorite gum hidden in the crown molding of the door leading out to the patio, and a calendar for his office hidden in my underwear drawer. 

I got these darling printables from The Dating Divas. They have so many cute ideas that I'm in love with. They also have an absolutely adorable version for your kids! You can get them for yourself here. 



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