Nautical Neverland Boys Room

Nautical Neverland Boys Room

This post has been a REALLY long time coming. I spent nearly a year, planning, designing, crafting, and executing the decor and I’m SO SO happy with how it came out. When Evan first saw his room, he just stared and said “whoa”…I think that’s 6 year old for “i like it”. He drags everyone in to see his room the second they walk in the door and he spent hours in his “fort” playing war with his dad and the cat.


1) PopDecors – Nursery Tree with Cute Owls A- Free Squeegee and color change – Nursery Tree Decals Baby Wall Decors Kids Wall Stickers Owls Decal - $71 The most eye catching piece of Ev’s room has to be the tree. It’s a HUGE 7 foot decal that took J & I 5 hours to put up. Not particularly difficult, just time consuming. They can do it in any color you want, and we chose white as a nice contrast against the blue. It comes with these really adorable owls, but they didn’t go with the theme, however, they were perfect in our owl themed kitchen.

The shelves that allow for things to “hang” in the tree are completely homemade. Check out how we did it for $11 in my Branch Shelves post!

2) Donco Kids Donco Kids Twin Loft Tent Bed with Slide – Light Espresso, Blue Tent, Wood, Twin Loft Bed -$284  While the tree may be the most eye catching part of the room, the “wow” factor (especially if you’re 6) is definitely the loft bed with the attached slide. I was shocked at what a great deal it was and seeing this kid LITERALLY slides out of bed every morning makes it worth every single penny. The attached curtains create a fort, which we have decorated with pillows and string lights to make it the perfect hide out.

3) Zig Zag Single Duvet Modern Urban Designer Collection - $33  From the very beginning, I knew I wanted a red & white chevron bedspread for this room. I was shocked when I looked EVERYWHERE & couldn’t find what I wanted…until I went international. Haha. I found this cute duvet on Amazon UK. To my surprise, it was insanely cheap. Cheaper than anything I had found in the states and it was EXACTLY what I had pictured in my head.

4) DIY Chalkboard/Lego Table – $34 I loved making this table and It makes me so happy to see how much Ev uses it. He spends hours playing lego war with his dad and drawing on the chalkboard side.

5) Second Star to the Right & Straight on ’til Morning canvas- hand painted by moi.  These are the directions to Neverland.

6) Nautical Lamp – $8 Another DIY project, made from an old lamp that my mom found at a garage sale. Click the link to see the directions.

7) Essential Home Belmont 4 Drawer Dresser Chest- White -$45 I’m pretty proud of this dresser because I built it myself. I was in a Xena Warrior Princess mood and decided that I aint need no man, and made J stay in the living room while I assembled it by myself. It took me 5 hours, but it’s done. That’s all the freakin’ matters.

8 ) DIY Growth Chart – Another super easy craft project that I threw together on a lazy Sunday afternoon 

I’m so happy with the final result, and more important, I’m so glad that Evan has a place of his own that he feels comfortable enough to be creative.

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